Sammy Hagar arrived at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame having sold millions of records and rocked thousands of concert stages around the world. When he started the Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo San Lucas, he never dreamed that its popularity would lead to a growing restaurant franchise in America. Cabo Wabo Tequila's success is now reaching around the entire planet. What could be more natural than to follow this with a unique rum from the Hawaiian Islands? Sammy's Beach Bar Rum, made with pure cane, has been an instant success. "One Sip and You'll Surrender."

Sammy's passion for food and cooking led to his developing this restaurant. Keep your eyes open because you'll never know when Sammy may "rock in" for a visit.

It's been a sweet life. Now, for an encore, Sammy is bringing his positive energy to help kids in need by adopting the thought that you are never as tall as when you kneel to help a child. Sammy has established the Hagar Family Foundation to help local community children's charities. This restaurant supports The Foundation. Enjoy a great meal and know that together we can make a difference.

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